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  RE: Throw the book at him
Submitted to The Mississauga News.

RE: Throw the book at him (editorial, The Mississauga News, Aug. 25)


    Perhaps the RCMP should also be found culpable as they helped facilitate this terrorist plan by sending their agents (a self-confessed cocaine addict and the other an Egyptian-Canadian engineer), whom they paid millions of dollars, that helped instigate these young men. Also, it was the RCMP that planted the so-called ammonium nitrate. The implication is that the RCMP did this for political ends. Is it not ironic that the arrest took place right around the time the security budget was to be passed in parliament and the anti-terrorism bill (Bill C-36) was up for review?


    If this closely monitored group was really deemed a potential threat then the sensible thing to have done would have been to send inside people to help discourage them from formulating these radical plans instead of sending agents to aid them in carrying it out.


By Zeshan Shahbaz

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