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  Zeshan at the Afghanistan Debate
Just Politics' Zeshan Shahbaz debated at the Afghanistan: Stay, Go or Something in Between public forum held by The Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights (http://oakvillepeacecentre.org/).

At the forum, Zeshan told the audience that the topic of the debate presupposed that we (Canada) should have been there in the first place. Zeshan maintained that "we should not have been there at all, as before we waged this war, the Taliban group hadn't done anything to Canada or its people and thus we're the ones who started this ill-conceived war." He also said that our forces should leave immediately and should let the Afghan people settle their internal matters themselves. He also said that if we were there for the purpose of helping the Afghans and defending them from militants then why are we not in other places of the world that require as much help or even more. "Why are we not in places like Africa, or, the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza strip helping their people against their tormentors and occupiers?" This indicated a double standard being practised implied Zeshan.

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